The charger will start charging with semi-constant voltage characteristic, when battery reach full state, current taper down and will automatically shut off. The charger will automatically turn on replacing the small amount of energy that was lost while the charge current was at zero.


This charger‘s designed for


  1. Unattended charging of vented lead acid, sealed lead acid batteries to maintain fully Battery State. Using in small emergency power and lighting, battery for emergency engine starter.
  2. Simultaneously supplying non-continuous load where the load is permanently connected across the battery. For this application the load current should be lower than charger capacity.
  3. Suitable for cycle use, motive, traction, deep cycle battery, vehicle battery. Use in car battery, snowmobiles, mowers, motorcycles, and electric golf carts/car.


– Automatic shutoff when full charged

– Automatic returns charging to maintain fully


Rectifier Silicon Full Wave Rectifier Display Green LED – Charge complete

Mode Switch Auto-Manual / Lead Acid Batt-Seal Lead Acid Yellow LED – 80 % Charged

Protection Delay start 3 seconds after battery connection Red LED(blink) – Charge proceeding

Prevent spark, Input Fuse, Reverse battery connection









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