Cleaning chemical


Cleaning chemical 

The product floor varnish PROLINE-FLOOR FINISH


Varnish floor

Code  101   Grades waxes      28%

Code  102  Grades waxes       25%

Code  103 Grades waxes        22%

Code 104  Grades waxes        19%

  • Special products for varnish floor shiny and easy to care for such polished stone a marble floor tile rubber Dura.
  • Varnish is durable and resistant to scratches or bumps allows to add shine to the floor priming the product Proline.


Priming the Product PROLINE or Primer before coated or wax.


Code  105   Grades waxes   30%

  • Primer is a special product for the the the glue just prior to its uneven surface.cracks stopper
  • The product is formulated with a primer concentrations of toughness floor varnish to the enhances the product durable and shine even more.
  • Pre-coating base solution is suitable for tile and terrazzo reinforcing the strength and thickness. Prevents the corrossion of the ground.

Stripping wax the product PROLINE


Code  201

  • Chemical peel wax is the concentrated formula for eliminating surface stripping and waxing the old before the new coating.
  • Chemical peel wax can Stripping floor varnish the product of all kinds.
  • Made from substances that do not harm the surface and the environment.
  • Chemical peel wax is available to all surfaces except the floor tiles.


The surface Cleaning Products  FLOOR CLEANERS

The Product Clear the floor and all the benefits (FLOOR CLEANERS) PROLINE Or Wash the floor solution


Cobe 202

  • It is suitable for cleaning the floor such as Wooden parquet floors terrazzo floor mosaic tiled ceramic to rubber is shine and aromatic.
  • Floor cleaning product is concentrated liquid to 1 part water to 400 part water.
  • Products with high efficiency. For remove the stains on the floor, wall, wall cabinet, refrigerator, including appliances  with a smooth surface.


How to use the floor cleaner.


1. Floor cleaner to use for rubbing the floor use. General cleaning products.
water pour 1 cap / tank.

  1. Wash the floor for stains. Crichton stains on the walls, tub, sink,
    pour the product onto a sponge. Clean polish with a clean cloth and wipe again.

How to preserve.Keep it in a entirely away from food and pets.


wiping daily floor  products  PROLINE


Code 301

  • Chemecal solution that is highly effective for cleaning wipe removes dirt, dust.
  • Chemical solution,Floor cleaner clean the area. Shiny,smell Breezy.
  • Suitable for floor tile, terrazzo, marble, granite, ceramic tiled, durafloor.


The Product floor Maintenance . FLOOR CARE

Spray buff products. PROLINE Or Chemical solution swipe the shadow.


Code 302

  • Is the product swipe the shadow and maintenance of the floor with the bottle of  just a little before using a  wood push the dust or Floor polishers.
  • The product contains a liquid glossy floor (WAX) which will help the glossy surface gloss, durable scratch resistance.
  • Glazes spray buff  help extend the lifetime of the floor, often life-saving, do not scrub.


Push the dust collector products. PROLINE


Code 303

  • Push the dust cleaners suitable for dry cleaning or how to make the ground collecting dust and clean at all times, without having to wipe the water frequently.
  • Pressure spray cleaner on the cloth Dust mop.After rubbing the product dust can collect dust all day.
  • Dust remover Dust remover.Help collect dust to quickly


Dust remover
Toilet product TOILET CLEANERS Or restroom cleaner

Toilet rust products  PROLINE


Code 203

  • Concentrated products to remove stains plaque on the wall near the floor of the bathroom and sanitary ware including sub-scrub the floor cement and sandstone floor.


Toilet Cleaner PROLINE


Code 205

  • A cleaner can remove stains along the walls have great basin bathtub. Bidets and fragrant


ผลิตภัณฑ์ดับกลิ่น PROLINE


Code 601

  • Made of fine perfume smell.
  • A high efficiency for deodorization and sterilization in the activities, such as office, bedroom, bathroom, etc. the pavement general or places with smelly
  • Use deodorant products would regularly make these places smell, clean, fresh all the time.


General Cleaning Products GENERAL CLEANERS

Wipe furniture products  PROLINE


Code 501

  • For cleaning furniture, maintenance of the new surface materials such as leather and shiny vinyl bags, shoes and furniture last longer.
  • Prevent cracks fading from sunlight, dust, dirt, and help make it stick no fragrance to surfaces.

Black rubber products, paint and varnish wheel. PROLINE


Code 502

  • Protect the rubber surface is shiny and resistant to ultra-violet light.
  • Keep your skin dry tires. To help secure the lifetime of tires suitable for all kinds of cars.


Carpet treatment products CARPET CLEANERS

Cleaning products X-Trail Action Cleaner. PROLINE


Code 401

  • Used for all types of carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning, the surface efficiently.
  • Mixing can be used hot or cold water.
  • The components of the substance to prevent the adhesion of dirt on the carpet.
  • Carpet cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning carpets.
  • Helps maintain a bright colored carpet Fade resistant and fragrant.


Cleaning Products Shampoo Cleaner  PROLINE


Cobe 402

  • For all types of carpet cleaning carpet surface efficiently.
  • Carpet cleaning product used cold water mixed with a component of antifreeze, dirt on the carpet Binder.
  • Help keep the color fresh and faded rug smell.
  • Both the carpet from natural fibers (Wool) and synthetic fibers


Kitchen cleaning products.KITCHEN CLEANERS


Code 701

  • Concentrated products help remove it and the smell of food with dishes such as seafood curry fishy smells clean.
  • Make the container clean and hygienic easy to flush out residue of wireless.
    Safe for the skin.


Grease stain remover  PROLINE


Code 702

  • Used for wiping grease the track kitchen walls Flue gas stove and the kitchen floor track fat, including fumes or exhaust fan.


Dishwashing products PROLINE


Code 703

  • Cleaning products help eliminate dirt, grease, transparent and clean equipment. Appliances such as kitchen ware bowls Furniture and interior glass. Outside the building, and the high
  • Performance products for hand washing


Wipe the glass products. GLASS CLEANERS


Code 502

  • A special mixture of ammonia
  • Help clean mirror glitter
  • Can wipe stains Stuck on the glass as well.
  • Can be used with all types of glass, such as glass-auto glass in building glass doors. Window.


Liquid hand soap Products  LIQUID HAND SOAP

Liquid hand soap PROLINE


Code 904

  • Made from fine fragrances fragrant gentle to the skin.
  • It feels clean and preserving of the hand.
  • Can pour into the General soap box immediately.


 Liquid hand soap(Perl) PROLINE


Code 904.1

  • Made from fine fragrances fragrant gentle to the skin.
  • It feels clean and preserving of the hand.
  • Can pour into the General soap box immediately.
  • The sparkling Pearl color. Glitter attractive touch.


Car wash products. PROLINE


  • Use cleaning oil stains various automotive surfaces.


washing powder Proline


10.1  Hand detergents

10.2 SOAP and detergent industry.






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