Vacuum Cleaner Model B380








Especially designed for facilities, industrial and workshop environments, and for any situation that requires a robust, reliable and long-lasting vacuum.Portable Stainless Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaner features: High performance motor provides maximum power. It’s light weight compact design for easy carrying. 2 swivel casters provide convenient multi-direction maneuverability. From a portable wall-mounted 80 Liters, it’s great for a variety of clean-up tasks any room at home and the garage .it also make short work of even the toughest jobs, saving you time and effort.


Technical Information B 380


Motor 3,600 Watt
Air Flow 8,500 Lt/min
Water Lift 3,000 mmH2O /1 Motor
Tank Stainless Steel 80 liters
Vacuum Type Wet and Dry
Cable Length 8 meters
Vacuum Hose 2.5 meters
Vacuum Hose Dia. 40 mm.
Sound Level 78 Decibel
Diamension Dia. 44 x Height 100 cm.
Weight 34 Kilograms








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