Vacuum Cleaner Model B115







Especially designed for facilities, industrial and workshop environments, and for any situation that requires a robust, reliable and long-lasting vacuum.Portable Stainless Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaner features: High performance motor provides maximum power. It’s light weight compact design for easy carrying. 4 swivel casters provide convenient multi-direction maneuverability. From a portable wall-mounted 15 Liters, it’s great for a variety of clean-up tasks any room at home and the garage .it also make short work of even the toughest jobs, saving you time and effort.

Technical Information B115



Motor 1,200   Watt
Air Flow 2,880 Lt/min
Water Lift 2,200 mmH2O
Tank Stainless Steel 15 liters
Vacuum Type Wet and Dry
Cable Length 7 meters
Vacuum Hose 2.5 meters
Vacuum Hose Dia. 36 mm.
Sound Level 65 Decibel
Diamension Dia. 34.5x Height 55 cm.
Weight 11  Kilograms










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