STEAMY 5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner


  • Anti Bugs system
  • Power suction system: wet an dry with water filtering system
  • Water tank: auto filling
  • with 2 liter capacity

Product description

      STEAMY 5  combines steam cleaning and detergent spraying functions.

STEAMY 5 lets you choose the most effective function for all cleaning jobs. You can clean with steam only, water only, steam and water,or steam and detergent.you can also use STEAMY 5  to suck up dissolved dirt, liquids and dry dust.Produce and deliver steam, deliver detergent, remove dissolved dirt and/or dry without suction.Top quality products with 18/10 stainless steel high capacity boilers.They can be used in complete safety, thanks to the technical features and security devices adopted .

-STEAMY 5  with  battery & charge.Chemical product pump. Safety devices boiler pressure switch,boiler thermostat, heater element thermostat, mechanical safety valve.Low voltage control panel (12 v) with the following controls: pressure gauge, main on/off and boiler power switch, steam ready indicator, water finished warning light, steam control, chemical product control (on the machine).Wet suction features:speed variator for suction power control, water filter for dust separation.Floor cleaning. Fittings, sinks, wall tiles, windows, mirrors, exhaust hoods, hobs.



Rub in one:

The ideal decision for:
– private houses, apartments, child care and preschool institutions.
– kitchens of bars, restaurants, bakeries, any food and industrial shops.
– car showrooms, car washes (cleaning of salons and engines of the car).
– stomatologic equipment.
– other specific objects for global cleaning of different pollution.
– creations of small business (an initial stage in development of the cleaning company).
– hotels, pass hotels, boarding houses, recreation facilities.

– Advantage of function of cleaning with steam is that steam under pressure deeply gets into structure of material, splitting dirt, fat, dust, destroying bacteria, fungi, ticks, eliminates an unpleasant smell.

– Work in the vacuum cleaner mode for dry and damp cleaning: cleaning of carpets, hard floor coatings and upholstered furniture, removal of dust from any furnishings, absorption of small volumes of liquid.
– Work in the mode of the washing vacuum cleaner: dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture, with a possibility of automatic supply of detergents, damp cleaning of any surfaces.
– Highly effective purification of air of dust and unpleasant smells, cancerogenic aerosols and toxic connections, bacteria.
– Collecting and removal of hair of animals.
– Collecting water and liquid.
– Removal of a static stress from surfaces and coverings.
– 100% cleaning of dust, hair of animals, pollen of plants, dispute of a mold fungus, dust pincers (saprofit) and their excrement.
– Will help with prevention of various diseases: bronchitis, cold, asthma, chicken pox, flu and other diseases.
– Prevention of allergic diseases.
– Cleaning of firm surfaces, for example, ceramic tile, walls, floors.
– Cleaning in a bathroom, a toilet, cleaning of toilet bowls, drains, water fittings.
– Removal of limy deposits.
– Cleaning of kitchen furniture.
– Cleaning of bed linen (pillows), outerwear, footwear.
– A purge (the return having blown) dust from difficult available places.

The STEAMY 5 steam generator — the universal multipurpose device allowing to carry out cleaning of all types of materials, plastic, upholstered furniture, fabrics, bathroom equipment:
• only by means of steam,
• only by means of water,
• by means of steam and water,
• or by means of steam and a cleaner

With STEAMY 5 you can also soak up the dissolved dirt, liquids and dry dust, to carry out a sink and drying at the same time or independently.

Product Specification

Weight 12KG
Tank Capacity 7Ltr
Power Source Electricity


Boiler Volume ltr 2.7
Operating Pressure bar 5
Steam Temperature 0 C 140
Absorbed Power Watt 3000
Steam Volume g/min 80
Reserve Water / chem. tank ltr 150.00%
No. of Motor 1
Motor Power Watt 1000
Supply V / Hz 230 -50
Cooling By pass
Depression mm H 2 O 300 -1800
Air Flow m 3 / h 50 – 170
Dimension L X W X H 45 X 29 X 47

• A copper with adjustment of a vapor pressure.
• Copper thermostat.
• Heating element of the thermostat.
• Mechanical safety valve.

The control panel of a low voltage (12B) with the following control facilities:
• Manometer.
• Main switch ON/OFF power supply of a copper.
• Indicator of readiness of steam.
• A warning light signal of the spent water.
Steam control.
• Control of chemical means (it is located by car).

Characteristics of damp absorption:
• The speed regulator for control of force of absorption.
• The water filter for office of dust.

Standard complete set:
• The handle a hose for absorption/injection
• The extending nozzle
• Universal steam peak
• A curved rod for peaks
• A brush for a sink of windows
• A brush for a floor universal
• An insert for a brush for dust
• Replaceable insert (bristle)
• Replaceable insert (scraper)
• A rubber coupler for drying of a floor universal
• Round brush
• Triangular brush
• d.30 brush
• Capacity for filling of a boiler
• A nozzle for absorption/injection
• Steam spray
• Kit P 33-set of 4 spare parts



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